Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Prophetess

The Queen of Sheba has been called a demon by some religions. Others profess that she was actually a prophetess--one who prophesied the coming of Christ. Quite different views. But both interesting all the same.

The story behind the queen prophesying of Christ was when she had a vision right before arriving in Jerusalem to visit King Solomon. She saw his "image" on a log that served as a footbridge over a small pond. Just as the queen was about to step on the log she had a vision of Christ on the cross--the cross made from that very log.

The story grows even more fantastical when the queen wades across the pond instead of using the log, and in the process her goosefeet (or goatfeet) are cured! Voila!

In the novel I'm writing, the queen shares her vision with Solomon and he declares that she is a visionary woman. But she sees Christ's image on a growing tree that is already considered sacred. Nature worshipping was a part of the queen's world and even the world of Solomon. He struggled with a lifetime of allegiance to the one and only god, until he finally returned to nature worshipping.